Music Box Instructions

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How does the box play music?

To play audio, press the button located in the lower left corner on the top of the lid. While audio is playing, pressing the button will stop the audio. Pressing again will play the audio from the beginning, or if your box has multiple songs, the next track will be played.

Opening and closing the lid does not affect playback of the music.

Can I change the song?

Can I adjust the volume?

Yes, there are several ways to adjust the volume:

1. A volume adjustment switch is located inside the lid.

2. The MP3 file can be reuploaded at a louder volume.

3. If you are not comfortable with option 1 or 2, ship it to us and we will adjust it for you!

Click here for more details on these options

How do I charge the battery?

Your music box contains a rechargeable battery and can be charged through the USB-C port on the side of the lid. A USB-C charging cable is included with your music box, but any USB-C cable can be used.

A light next to the charging port will turn from red to green when the box is fully charged.

More questions?

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