How to Adjust the Volume of Your Music Box

How to Adjust the Volume of Your Music Box

The volume of your music box is preset to give the best sound quality. However, it is possible to adjust the volume.


Option 1: Adjust the internal volume switch

There is a 3-position volume switch inside the lid of your music box. To access this switch, remove the 4 gold screws on the top of the lid. Lift the top straight up to view the inside of the lid. Locate the volume switch to the right of the battery. The volume switch will be in the middle position. Move the volume switch up or down to adjust the sound level. Replace the lid and reinstall the gold screws.


Option 2: Increase the volume of the MP3 file

Using the following guide, you can reupload the same song with a higher volume.

Click here see our guide for how to change the song in your music box.


Option 3: Let us help

If you do not feel comfortable performing either of the first two options, you can ship the music box back and we will upload a louder music file for you. Email for details, or use the contact form below.

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