Frequently Asked Questions

Music Boxes

How do I customize my music box?

Your music box can be customized in many ways! For all our music boxes, audio of your choice will play at the push of a button, and the underside of the lid can be customized with a photo and/or personalized text.

Some boxes include more customization options such as a top photo, lyrics, personalized message, accent color, or choice of side panels.

For all customizations, the product page will prompt you for all the necessary information. Any concerns or special details can be sent to

After your order, we will send you a preview by email to ensure your satisfaction.

Your music box will arrive with the custom audio ready to play!

How is the photo included and what type of photo works best?

Your photo will be printed directly onto the music box surface.

Landscape oriented photos work best with the aspect ratio of the box (4:3 for the top of the lid, 3:2 for the inside of the lid). However, any photo orientation can be used, and we will make sure it is cropped to fit correctly.

The higher the quality of the image, the better the photo print will be. An original image will always work better than a screenshot.

Can I use any song?

Yes! Any audio can be used. This could be a song, voicemail, or audio from a video.

Include any YouTube link or MP3 file in your order or send it to

How long can a song be?

Up to about 8 minutes of audio can be used.

Can I add multiple songs?

Yes, your music box can hold any number of songs up to a total of 8 minutes of audio (8MB total file size).

Simply include multiple YouTube links or MP3 files in your order.

The play button on the top of the box can be used to cycle between songs.

Can I use a specific section of a song?

Yes. Along with the YouTube link, you can include a timestamp of the audio you would like.

Ex: (0:36 – 1:45)

Including details such as starting/ending lyrics can also be helpful to make sure your audio is exactly how you want it.

How does the box play music?

To play audio, press the button located in the lower left corner on the top of the lid. While audio is playing, pressing the button will stop the audio. Pressing again will play the audio from the beginning, or if your box has multiple songs, the next track will be played.

Opening and closing the lid does not affect playback of the music.

Will my song sound like a traditional music box with metal pins?

Your music box does not contain a traditional clockwork mechanism with metal pins. Instead, the audio is played from a speaker concealed within the lid.

The audio will sound exactly like the YouTube link or audio file you provide. If you prefer a traditional music box sound, there are “music box” versions of many songs available on YouTube.

When you find a version you like, include the YouTube link or MP3 file in your order or send it to

What lyrics can I use on the record player music box?

Any song lyrics or custom wording can be used for the record spiral. Many people choose lyrics, poetry, or a personalized message.

Approximately 75-650 characters (including spaces) works best. A site like can be helpful in figuring out the character count.

There is no restriction on wording as long as your message is within the character limit.

How big is the music box?

Outside measurements are 4.75 (W) x 3.75 (L) x 2.75(H) inches.

Inside measurements are 4.3 (W) x 3 (L) x 1.6 (H) inches.


Can I change the song after I receive the box?

Can I adjust the volume?

Yes, there are several ways to adjust the volume:

1. A volume adjustment switch is located inside the lid.

2. The MP3 file can be reuploaded at a louder volume.

3. If you are not comfortable with option 1 or 2, ship it to us and we will adjust it for you!

Click here for more details on these options

Do I have to change the battery?

Your music box contains a rechargeable battery and can be charged through the USB-C port on the side of the lid. A USB-C charging cable is included with your music box, but any USB-C cable can be used.

A light next to the charging port will turn from red to green when the box is fully charged.

My box isn't playing music.

Make sure your box is fully charged and press the play button located in the lower left corner on the top of the lid.

If your box still isn’t playing music, please contact us at, or click here to see our guide on how to change the song.


What kind of shipping is available?

Orders are shipped with USPS.

Jewelry, music boxes, ornaments and carved round boxes are shipped free by USPS Ground Advantage.

Larger items like wall hangings are shipped free by USPS retail ground.

Shipping upgrades to USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express are available for domestic orders for an additional fee. International buyers are responsible for shipping costs, and any customs and import taxes that may apply.

What is your shipping schedule?

Orders are shipped Monday-Friday. Orders are typically shipped the next business day after an order is placed, sometimes even same day, depending on the time of day ordered and if your order needs a preview approval.

Do you ship internationally?

International shipping is available for some countries. We do not ship to the EU due to packaging regulations.


Do you offer gift notes or gift wrapping?

A gift note can be included with your order. Please include the information when ordering.

Gift wrapping is currently not offered.

Do you do custom work?

We love to create one-of-a-kind items. Unfortunately, we can’t accept every custom project due to full workloads and busy Holiday seasons. Please reach out to with information about your custom idea.

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