How to Change the Song in Your Music Box

How to Change the Song in Your Music Box

1. Prepare the MP3 file of your song(s).

    The easiest way to prepare your MP3 file(s) is to email so that we can assist you! Send us up to 8 minutes of audio (YouTube links work best), and we will send you an MP3 file with the correct volume and file size. The file will be ready to upload directly into your music box.

    If you prefer to prepare your own file, MP3 files of songs can be easily downloaded from Amazon or other online services. The maximum file size is 8 MB, so you may need to save your file in a lower quality depending on the length of your song(s). MP4 files will not work.

    When preparing your own MP3 file, note that the volume of the music box is determined by the volume of the file. The volume of your file can be adjusted in Microsoft’s default editor, Clipchamp, or with your preferred editing software.


    2. Plug in your box

    On the right side of your music box, plug in a USB-C cable and connect your music box to a Windows-based computer. You can use the charging cable that is shipped with your box or any other USB-C cable.

    A music box showing the charging port on the right sideAn example of a USB-A to USB-C cableAn example of a USB-C to USB-C cable

    3. Press the play button

    While the music box is connected to your computer, press the play button to allow your computer to recognize the device. The music box will be recognized as USB Drive (E:), (F:), or (G:).

    A music box showing the play button

    4. Format the drive

      Right click on the music box drive. In this example, the music box is regonized as USB Drive (F:). Select “Format”. Click “Start”, then “OK”. This will erase all data from the music box to make space for the new MP3 file. To avoid erasing important information from your computer, take caution to ensure you format the correct drive.

      A screenshot highlighting the format buttonA screenshot highlighting the start button
      A screenshot highlighting the ok buttonA screenshot highlighting the ok button

      5. Upload the new file

        Drag and drop the new MP3 file(s) into the drive. Wait for the file(s) to load completely.

        A progress bar

        6. Eject

          Right click the drive and choose “Eject”.

          A screenshot highlighting the eject button

          7. Test the audio

            Unplug the music box and wait 5-10 seconds. Press the play button to hear the audio. If you have uploaded multiple MP3 files, repeated presses of the play button will cycle between files.

            A music box showing the play button

            Please let us know if you have any questions! If you do not feel comfortable preforming these steps, you can ship your box to Davidson Workshop and we will make the adjustments for you. You can email us at or use the contact form below.

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